The 10 biggest misconceptions of aging

There’s a reason that retirement is called the ‘Golden Years,’ but for many, the aches and pains associated with aging makes these years less fun than they should be. Still, the first wave of Baby Boomers has already turned 65 years old, and many are joining the ranks of the retired every day.
To help prepare North America’s Baby Boomers – and everyone else – for retirement, presents, courtesy of the Huffington Post, the 10 top misconceptions of aging.

1/ You will feel old

2/ Your mental abilities will decline

3/ You will not have sex

4/ You won’t be able to change bad habits

5/ You won’t be as happy

6/ You will get weaker

7/ You will be bored without the kids at home

8/ You won’t learn anything new

9/ You will become lonelier and won’t make new friends

10/ You can’t control your future

All of these statements are false, according to the Huffington Post. Indeed, anyone, whether they are a Baby Boomer or a senior in an assisted living community, have the ability to shatter every retirement stereotype, and to make their retirement years the best time of their life.

But the first step for any retiree – current or future – is to know that the conceptions of aging as lonely and boring are false for many people, and can be false for you too.